We raise them right at the origin

We have direct contact with our farm. We keep our live stock and ponty under proper supervision in order to maintain stringent quality. We ensure a classic nutrient-rich diet for our live stock. We keep bio-security protocol as our priority which lets our customers get the most nutritious and hygienic food.

Halal and efficient production

We carry out the rest of the work at our very scientifically designed production unit. Our very well maintained production unit is the first of its kind and sets the standards and benchmark to achieve every time. It ensures natural fitness and the nutrient-rich environment with suitable temperature settings. We focus on achieving high quality food for our valuable customers.

Quality Assurance

We hold a qualified team of chefs, doctors and quality checkers who ensure the food quality of our gourmet meat, fish and sea products. We strictly comply with all the standards along with the FSSAI hygiene standard to ensure good processing and handling of our premium products.

Fresh delivery every day

We believe in delivering lamb and chicken from farms, Catch seafood directly from the coast through our delivering areas. We deliver chilled Food and not frozen to keep them under favorable conditions and as fresh as we can keep.

Wonderful cooking experience

Our premium meat, fish and seafood are easy to cook without losing moisture. They are clean, no wastage In any case. It tastes great hence giving you all the value for your money. It satisfies every standard of our customers need.